At Kindred, we believe that by coordinating within our trusted communities, we can unlock the ability to travel more, stay longer, and go further.

Here, trust is absolutely everything. It is important that all Kindred members live up to this high burden of trust by displaying respect, integrity, and generosity in all our interactions.

Because we hold our fellow members to such a high burden of trust, we know that Kindred is not for everyone. We have a zero tolerance policy for violations of our Code of Conduct.

Please read through this document to better understand what it means to be a member of our home sharing community.

Thank you for being here, and for making this dream of community-based travel a reality.

Core Membership Values

It’s personal.

We’re in this together. This is not an anonymous, transactional marketplace. This is a platform for friends. We know our actions impact each other, and that if we hurt others, we hurt ourselves.

Respect & be worthy of respect.

We treat each other with respect, and always strive to be worthy of that same respect ourselves. We follow the “best friend’s grandma” test (if you’re confused, keep reading!).


Home sharing is new for many of us – it’s normal to feel apprehensive or confused about what is ok or not ok to do. When questions come up, it’s always best to just reach out and ask. Honesty is always the best policy. Most problems only become problems when hidden.

Give to others.

Kindred is a give-to-get marketplace. Here, every member is both a guest and a host. The members who get the most are not those who pay the most, but those who give the most. Kindred members contribute, participate, and take an active role in their own experiences – they don’t just consume – and they are earnestly excited when they get to help another.

When acting as a guest

Staying in someone else’s primary home is a new experience for many Kindred members. It’s normal to feel hesitant or confused about what you can or can’t do. As long as you’re acting with honesty and good intentions, you’re doing great :)

The majority of our guest guidelines can be boiled down to this one litmus test that we call the Best Friend’s Grandmother test:

<aside> 👵 The Best Friend’s Grandmother Test